Cvijanovic: OHR cannot void Cabinet decision

Banjaluka – Republika Srpska Prime Minister Zeljka Cvijanovic said that the High Representative to BiH, Valentin Inzko, cannot void the Cabinet’s decision on residence, no matter how much the FBiH parties would like him to.

“I do not accept any intervention by the OHR. This is a good decision, directed primarily at security aspect and introducing order in all areas. This society has overcome the institution of the OHR and I don’t know why MPs or Ministers who are paid for their job do not bring an appropriate law but expect the OHR to do it,” Cvijanovic told reporters in Banjaluka today.

According to her, the intention of the Cabinet was not to deny any ethnic group anything, but to introduce more order in the security system.

“If one presents false data about oneself, including place of permanent or temporary residence, why would institutions trust such a person? We have a situation where thousands of official documents are returned to the competent institutions because they cannot be delivered as a recipient does not live at the reported address,” Cvijanovic said.

She added that one should take care of the motives for falsely reporting residence, and that this can involve persons who are in serious trouble when it comes to security and legality.

“The problem is that the FBiH parties view this problem exclusively in the context of the upcoming elections, and the Republika Srpska Cabinet is primarily guided by security aspect,” Cvijanovic said.

Such a decision, Cvijanovic said, has already been in force in Brcko District, which means that the Cabinet only regulated something that has already been regulated this way in a part of BiH territory.