Mira Furlan – I speak Serbian-Croatian in space

Mira Furlan has got the main role in a Holywood film serial ‘Space Command’ in which she speaks Serbian-Croatian.

The reputable actress who emigrated to the States 22 years ago and very quckly made a name in Hollywood by a science fiction ‘Babylon 5’, in this new serial of six films is playing with her colleague from Serbia Jelena Mrdja.

– The ‘Space Command’ is a very ambitious project created by a well known science fiction writer Marc Zicree (‘Star Trek’, ‘Sliders’). The role that I play has been written for me. This is so rare and precious rarity in my professional experience. Some of the dialogs between Jelena and me are in Croatian-Serbian. As far as I know, it shall be for the first time for that language to be spoken in space! The project has gathered excellent and reputable actors such as Dag Jones and Robert Picardo of the ‘Star Trek’. It was a huge pleasure to work with them and especially with talented Jelena Mrdja – Mira says for the Blic.

Mira Furlan has become an icon of Holywood science fiction film, so she got yet another role in a project of this genre – ‘Lantern City’. It is produced by her colleague of the ‘Babylon 5’, American TV star Bruce Boxleitner, known for the ‘Tron’.

– I am very happy that Bruce has invited me among all other actors from our series to participate in his project. In the ‘Babylon’ we were partners, a husbend and wife in a mixed married as it is usually said in our former homeland. In this case that ‘mixture’ is between two species: Bruce is a human and I am of the Minbari race. Unlike our nations, our spieces got together pretty well, so well to enter an intergalactic marriage. The ‘Lantern City’ is a very interesting project and the role I am to play is exceptional. It is something of Gertude from ‘Hamlet’, a woman that has an intensive, possessive and very emotional relations with a very problematic son – Mira reveals.

New book

Apart from acting in serials, Mira has been dedicated to many other projects in America as well.

– I am finishing my new book and working on an exceptional theatre play encouraged by Miki Manojlovic’s play – Mira Furlan, author of the book ‘The Closing Sale’ and a play ‘Till Death Do Part Us’ says.(Blic)