Montenegro opens its borders on June 1, except towards Serbia and BiH


Prime Minister Dusko Markovic announced that Montenegro will open its borders on June 1 with countries that meet the criteria of the Institute of Public Health.

At the press conference in Podgorica, Markovic said that the criterion would be at least 25 patients per 100.000 inhabitants, RT CG reports.

He announced that Montenegro would open its borders with Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Albania and Greece on June 1st.

“We will open the borders to countries that have a similar epidemiological status. We will not ask for special tests, everyone will receive clear instructions on what awaits them in the country and what regulations they must respect,” said the Prime Minister of Montenegro.

Markovic pointed out that Montenegro won the battle with the coronavirus and became the first “corona free” country in Europe.

The plan is to open kindergartens and cinemas next week, and to allow public gatherings of up to a certain number of people at the beginning of June.