Shocking moment security guards drag elderly ‘serial shoplifter’ by his feet

A ‘serial shoplifter’ has been dragged through a Morrisons by his feet in front of stunned shoppers, reports “Daily Mail“.

Three security guards pulled the elderly man back into the store in Enfield, north London, on Thursday.

One of them appeared to stand on him during the commotion as startled customers watched on.

It is not clear what sparked the shocking incident, but a shopping trolley full of toilet roll has reportedly been seized as ‘evidence’.

Footage shows the security guards dragging the alleged thief back into the store before he smashes into a stack of baskets which come crashing down on his head.

The customer is moved towards a corridor in the supermarket, while one of the men says: ‘Bring the trolley, bring the trolley.’

The bearded man is pinned to the ground by one of the security guards who stands on him briefly.

Another, wearing what appears to be a Morrisons’ uniform and a face mask, helps to restrain the man.

The customer is taken into another room but continues his resistance.

A worker wheels a large shopping trolley packed with boxes of Red Bull and toilet roll.

The video, which was posted on Facebook on Thursday with the caption ‘Morrisons today’, shocked social media users.

A spokesman for Morrisons said: ‘In this case, a known shoplifter was seen pushing a full trolley out of our store without paying.

‘Our store security apprehended him and clearly when people steal from our stores we aim to recover the items.’

The Metropolitan Police have been contacted for comment.