Karan: Central Election Commission decision does not correspond to real decision, we want minutes

BANJALUKA – The chairman of the Republika Srpska commission tasked with conducting a referendum on Republika Srpska Day, Sinisa Karan, told SRNA that according to commission’s information, the decision of the BiH Central Election Commission /CEC/ does not correspond to its real decision and that this is why the referendum commission asked for minutes from the CEC session.
“We think that the CEC president did not convey by the decision we received the real decision brought by the CEC. According to our knowledge, the wording of the decision is not the same as the decision that was brought by the CEC,” Karan said.

He explained that in order to determine this, the Appellate Chamber must obtain minutes to see if the decision brought by the CEC corresponds to the wording of the decision which was forwarded to the commission tasked with conducting a referendum on Republika Srpska Day.

“We don’t think that the CEC brought a positive decision and that the [CEC] president wrote a negative one, but legal arguments are very important. This would certainly represent a serious abuse of office and powers which later might result in criminal charges being filed,” Karan said.

He said that the Republika Srpska referendum commission filed a supplement to the appeal with the BiH Court, since the wording of the CEC decision, by which the CEC refused to forward voters’ lists to Srpska, does not correspond to the decision adopted at the CEC session.

“We expect a positive decision of the Appeals Chamber. We want our request for forwarding excerpts from the central voters’ list for Republika Srpska and for Brcko District citizens with Republika Srpska citizenship to be met,” Karan said.