Kosarac: Link between Bosniak political elite and NGOs in attacks on Srpska

Sarajevo – The Deputy Chairman of the BiH House of Peoples, Stasa Kosarac, says that the Bosniak political elite is using the BiH budget funds to help certain NGOs promote pro-Bosniak policies and work to destroy Republika Srpska.
“We in Republika Srpska have noticed it and warned that no NGO from Sarajevo does anything without the support of the Bosniak political elite,” Kosarac told SRNA.

According to him, the fact is that the Deputy Chairmen of the BiH Council of Ministers have discretionary powers to spend money from the budget reserves.

“We do not have an opportunity to control this, but we do have the right and obligation to point out the problems in the functioning of BiH institutions, namely, the fact that the Bosniak political elite is financing NGOs that are working at weakening Republika Srpska with budget funds” Kosarac said.

The fact that the four NGOs that stand behind the insulting messages sent to the addresses of a number of Republika Srpska officials and institutions on the eve of the celebration of Republika Srpska Day, January 9, have in the past few years received KM 37,000 is confirmation for him of the existence of a pro-Bosniak policy in BiH institutions.

“It is important that we see this, and that we are in a process of bringing certain laws against any centralisation at the BiH level and the victorious spirit of Bosniak politics,” Kosarac said.

The current Deputy Chairman of the BiH Council of Ministers, Zlatko Lagumdzija, and his predecessor Sadik Ahmetovic, stand behind the decision to allocate funds from the budget reserves to the NGOs which sent the insulting messages to Republika Srpska institutions and officials. /end/dg