News Roundup, Sunday, 12.10.2014 (2): “ELECTIONS 2014″

Opsti izbori 2014

SARAJEVO – 458,958 /14.22%/ eligible voters cast their ballots by 11:00 in the BiH general elections, which is a mild growth over the 2010 elections when 13.48% voters cast their ballots by the same time, the president of the BiH Central Electoral Commission, Stjepan Mikic, said today in Sarajevo.

ISTOCNO SARAJEVO – The charge d’affaires of the US Embassy in BiH, Nicholas Hill, said today in Istocno Sarajevo that voter turnout in the BiH general elections is high.

ISTOCNO SARAJEVO – The EU Special Representative and the Head of the EU Delegation to BiH, Peter Sorensen, said after touring a polling station in the community of Petrovici in Istocno Sarajevo that he has not noticed incidents in the general elections, but that we should wait for their end and all information which will be forwarded by domestic and foreign observers.

BANJALUKA – By 11:00, 32,089 eligible voters /17.5%/ cast their ballots in the area of Banjaluka, said Nada Batinar, a member of the Banjaluka Election Commission.

BIJELJINA – By 11:00, 18,409 eligible voters /17.48%/ cast their ballots in Bijeljina, Cvijeta Sekulic, a member of the Bijeljina Election Commission, told reporters.

PRIJEDOR – By 11:00, 11,785 eligible voters /13.53%/ cast their ballots in Prijedor, said the president of the Prijedor Election Commission, Zeljko Skondric.

DOBOJ – Of the 69,482 eligible voters in the city of Doboj, 20.27% cast their ballots by 11:00, the president of the Doboj Election Commission, Nenad Poleksic, told SRNA.

TREBINJE – Of the 29,730 eligible voters, 5,943 /20%/ cast their ballots in Trebinje by 11:00, the president of the Trebinje Election Commission, Borivoje Tarana, told SRNA.