Srebrenica: SDA sympathisers heading to an election forum carrying war-time flags

SREBRENICA – A convoy of cars carrying members and sympathisers of the SDA and the Party for BiH, who were sounding sirens and carrying the war-time flags of the so-called Army of BiH, drove today the streets of Srebrenica a number of times.
Numerous members of these parties were heading to an election rally carrying war-time flags.

Serbs in Srebrenica see the carrying of war-time flags as a provocation and a threat, but they refrained from reacting to provocations as they did not wish to provoke an armed conflict and undesirable consequences, reports SRNA’s correspondent.

Serbs in Srebrenica are asking if the SDA is conducting a political election campaign or their parade on the streets with war-time flags is a call for violence since war-time flags are symbols of an armed conflict.