Peru: A kidnapped Serb kept in jungle, kidnappers request million Dollars

A Serb Marko Mitic (30) was kidnapped on April 15 in San Miguel in Peru. A month later his fate is still a mystery.

The police believe that the motif for kidnapping is most likely drug dealing, i.e. revenge by a drug dealing gang involved in international drug trade. Marko’s brother Ivan, an artist from Serbia had the last contact with Marko. Ivan went to Peru two weeks ago for negotiations over his brother’s release.

Ivan contacted the police in Peru immediately upon his arrival there. He said to have learned about what had happened to his brother when kidnappers contacted him by a cell phone in Serbia.

– They called me on a cell phone and told me to go to Holland immediately in order to start negotiations over Marko’s release. They threatened they would kill Marko should I fail to do as told – Ivan told the police in Peru.

He said that the kidnappers had requested a million Dollar ransom and that he had told the kidnappers that he did not have the money. They told him to ‘find the money as soon as possible’.

When Ivan came to Holland, the kidnappers contacted him by phone again and even allowed him speak with his brother Marko for a minute or two.

Help me, I am in Peru and I have been kidnapped, was all that Marko said.

The police view kidnapping of Marko Mitic as revenge by a drug dealing gang in the first place because of Mitic’s rich criminal file from the past. The investigation revealed that Mitic was arrested in 2012 while smuggling three kilos of drug. He then used another name and was arrested as Antonio Vargas. Last year he was released from prison and he changed his name again, this time to Alberto Alanya Zevallos.

Mitic is married with Liliana Rodriguez (30) and they two lived quite a comfortable life in Lima.

Serbian Home Ministry not included in action

At the Serbian police we were told that they had not got any information about kidnapping of a Serbian national in Peru.(