Serb returnees living a hard life in the area of Bosansko Grahovo

Bosansko Grahovo – BiH Minister of Finance and Treasury Nikola Spiric has said that Serb returnees in the area of Bosansko Grahovo live a hard life and urged all those who can to help the recovery of the area.
Spiric has told Srna that Serb returnees there are looking for encouragement, support and help in order to stay there and survive.

He says the Serbs in Bosansko Grahovo, Glamoc and Drvar hope that Banjaluka, Belgrade and the Diaspora will help them through the Serbian Orthodox Church, but that Livno and Sarajevo only bring them pain and misery because they have not helped them or 20 years.

Spiric urged the international community to visit Bosansko Grahovo and see that it is the municipality that was damaged the most during the latest war in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“Those who divided our territory and were unfair through the use of force have never managed to divide the church and the Diocese of Bihac and Petrovac,” said Spiric, who attended the Synaxis of Serbian Saints, the Diocese’s patron saint’s day, in Bosansko Grahovo on Sunday.

On that occasion, His Holiness Irinej, Serbian Patriarch, held a liturgy at the Church of Sts Peter and Paul the Apostles.

Spiric said the Serbian Patriarch had sent beautiful messages to the people who gathered there, to remain living there, and that those who fight for the truth and justice will be awarded by God.

“He called for love, not hate. He called on the Serbs to be God’s children, to be faithful to the Serbian Orthodox Church and help each other,” said Spiric.

The Diocese of Bihac and Petrovac spreads across a wide area, he said, adding that today’s magnificent event drew a lot of people, noting that the Diocese’s patron saint’s day is celebrated in a different place each year.

“This gives a new strength and spirit of reconstruction and return to these parts. The more there are Serbs with their heads held high in Grahovo, Drvar and Glamoc, the more stable Srpska will be,” said Spiric.

The ceremony was attended by Srpska National Assembly Speaker Igor Radojicic. (SRNA)