Dodik: VTB bank initialed 76 million Euros credit contract

Moscow – Republika Srpska president Milorad Dodik told Srna that representatives of the Russian VTB Bank had initialed 76 million euros credit contract with Srpska in Moscow today.

“Now we should initiate a procedure in Republika Srpska institutions in regard to this credit. That is one of the important segments for Srpska by which we managed to get new resources to support the financing of its institutions, secure the sustainability of budget, pensions and payments in public sector”, Dodik told Srna by telephone from Moscow.

He underlined that during the second day of Republika Srpska delegation’s visit to Moscow (including the Prime minister Zeljka Cvijanovic), a delivery of heating oil for all cities and institution which use this fuel had been agreed with Zarubezhneft, so there would be no disruptions during the heating season in Banjaluka, Prijedor, public institutions and schools throughout Srpska.

“In that respect, people in Moscow showed understanding and readiness to help. I think that this issue is resolved and that this arrangement is favorable and sustainable for cities and institutions”, the President of Republika Srpska said.

He said that it was very important that Srpska delegation had talks with representatives of companies from Marshall Group, which is engaged in food import to Russia, about possibilities for Srpska to be an important food exporter to Russia.

“Considering our current conditions and a very bad year for agricultural production, the priority is to improve it and to define ways to produce goods which would be accepted here. Anyway, we will continue these discussions”, Dodik said.

He said that a food fair was taking place in Moscow and that Srpska delegation had important meetings with producers and traders.

“A market matters for agricultural production. There is a market here. We in Republika Srpska need to do everything to provide producers and stable production conditions, and, of course, a buyer is already secured in a way”, the President of Republika Srpska underlined.

According to him, the Russian market needs large quantities of agricultural products, for which there are great production resources in Srpska.

Dodik added that tonight, during the visit to Moscow, a previously agreed meeting with President Vladimir Putin would take place.

“All in all, today and tomorrow, when we finish the visit to Moscow, we will continue talks with other important people from the Russian state and economy about different subjects which are important to Srpska”, Dodik said. (SRNA)