Dodik: Russia will help Srpska to repair damage from floods

St. Petersburg – Republika Srpska President Milorad Dodik today in St. Petersburg met with the deputy president of the Gazprom Steering Board, Alexander Medvedev, who expressed his condolences over the flood victims in Srpska and his readiness to help.
In a telephone statement for SRNA from St. Petersburg, Dodik said that the Russian Federation has sent an airplane with humanitarian aid for people hit by flooding in Republika Srpska, and added that today he will meet with representatives of various companies and banks, some of whom are ready to give humanitarian aid.

“I was gladdened that some banks proposed to open a special flood relief account for Republika Srpska in their branches all over Russia,” Dodik said.

He said that he will meet with President Vladimir Putin during his stay in Russia.

“Tomorrow, we will talk with the Russian President and his people about what to do next to repair the damage done in Republika Srpska,” Dodik said.

He said that Russia knows what Republika Srpska is and notices well everything that is coming from Srpska, and is not giving up aid.