Death toll now 27, Serbian PM announces

Belgrade – Serbian PM Aleksandar Vučić said on Wednesday that so far 27 bodies of victims have been recovered from areas hit by the severe floods in Serbia.

According to him, “at least 10 or 11 died of natural causes.”

The death toll stood at 22 this morning, but in the afternoon, Vučić said more victims were found in an SUV vehicle, who perished as they were attempting to escape, “thinking they would avoid the water, but only one person made it.”

The prime minister did not specify where this happened, nor where the vehicle was found. He also did not say how many of the bodies were recovered in the worst-hit town, Obrenovac.

“There won’t be thousands or hundreds of casualties, because we have searched a great portion of the terrain,” added Vučić, and stressed that there are “no more persons listed as missing.”

Speaking earlier in the day, the prime minister stated that a plan to rebuild the country would be produced “in several weeks’ time,” but warned that “most of the cost will be paid by us.”

“Thank you to all who will help us, the EU, Russia, Saudi Arabia, but that assistance from donors will cover 20 to 25 percent of the damage. We are grateful to everyone for their help, but the biggest part will have to be covered by us alone,” Vučić said.

He added that “higher economic growth than previously planned will have to be generated.”