ICTY President addresses UN Security Council

NEW YORK / THE HAGUE -The newly-appointed President of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) Carmel Agius gave his inaugural address to the UNSC on Wednesday evening, informing it about the ICTY’s continued progress in bringing the cases to an end so as to finish its mandate by the close of 2017.

Agius, who met with the UN secretary-general last week, expressed the deep honor he felt having been entrusted with the responsibility of guiding the Tribunal’s closure, assured the SC all possible measures are being implemented to address the causes of potential delays and pledged his commitment to the SC that the Tribunal will complete its mandate by the end of 2017.

President Agius acknowledged that the Tribunal faces serious challenges, including staff attrition and staff morale, and stressed that such issues must be managed.(TANJUG)