Galijasevic: BiH a threat to world peace


Banjaluka- Dzevad Galijasevic, a member of the SE Europe Team for the Fight against Terrorism and Organised Crime, warns that BiH represents a direct threat to world peace when it comes to terrorism.

“This threat is seen in seven persons who have BiH citizenship and in six registered organisations which are active and being funded in BiH,” Galijasevic said.

Galijasevic said that war experience and the presence of mujahideen and the Wahhabi movement in BiH, military experience and departures to war zones in Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq and Chechnya, along with certain persons, all together represent a direct threat to world peace when it comes to terrorism.

The UN Security Council has released a consolidated list prepared by the UN Counter-Terrorism Committee which shows that BiH is highly positioned as a country with a serious terrorist threat.

Galijasevic notes that some of the disputed organisations have changed their names in BiH, but that in essence, the principles of their operations remain the same.

He explains that in addition to the organisations the UN designated as a terrorist threat, a Turkish organisation tied to terrorism and Hamas is active in BiH.

“This threat has not yet been processed by the Counter-Terrorisms Committee and it is yet to enter into procedure,” Galijasvic told SRNA.

Galijasevic warns that Hezbollah is also present in BiH and is active by way of Iranian secret services, which places BiH high as a country which is a serious terrorist threat.

He feels that UN data should be a cause for alarm for the authorities in BiH, which is threatened by terrorism, saying that “serious monitoring capacities for these groups cannot be built until there is a serious political will in Sarajevo.”

Galijasevic says that there is no serious political will on the part of Sarajevo and no intention among political elites and political structures of the FBiH to fight terrorism.

“This is a signal from the UN to the Sarajevo authorities, a signal which was sent even earlier, but they always turned a deaf ear. I think this is the most serious message and that it can put BiH in a serious, isolated position with respect to other countries of the IC,” Galijasevic says.

He concludes that this is a signal saying it was high time Sarajevo conducted a serious action and identified terrorism as a security and every other problem.

On the UN list which names the countries where terrorist organisations tied to Al Qaeda officially exist, BiH takes a high place, right behind Pakistan and Afghanistan.

On the official UN chart, which depicts countries that are proven to have ties with Al Qaeda, BiH was marked the same colour as Afghanistan. (SRNA)