Izetbegovic meets with Bocan-Harcenko: Events in Ukraine cannot be linked with BiH

Bakir Izetbegovic

Sarajevo – Bakir Izetbegovic, chair of the BiH Presidency, today spoke with Alexander Bocan-Harcenko, ambassador of the Russian Federation in BiH, about the bilateral relations of the two countries, the current political situation in BiH, and the crisis in Ukraine after the Crimean referendum.

Bocan-Harcenko informed Izetbegovic of the official positions of the Russian Federation connected with the latest events in Ukraine and the development of events in Crimea.

Izetbegovic said that BiH is monitoring with concern the crisis in Ukraine, stressing that the position of the country is based on clear principles of foreign policy, founded on the principles of the UN Charter, OSCE documents in Europe, and international law.

He emphasized that changing internationally recognized borders bears with it a danger to peace and stability in the world, and in this context BiH advocates respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity in its relations with other countries, and is in favor of constructive dialogue in seeking peaceful resolution for all open issues.

Bocan-Harcenko said that the Russian Federation consistently respects the territorial integrity and sovereignty of BiH, and considered that the events in Ukraine and in Crimea cannot be linked to our country, the BiH Presidency said in a statement.