Raguz: Arrange BiH by federal model

Mostar – Martin Raguz, president of HDZ 1990, believes that BiH should be arranged by a federal model, because only a federation can make possible the balance between the asymmetrical and dysfunctional present structure of BiH.

“The current asymmetrical and dysfunctional internal structure of BiH very often acts looser than confederally arranged countries. That is why a consistent model is necessary, and that is a federal model that would enable a functional balance between identities and entities,” said Raguz.

In an interview for the Novi Sad daily Dnevnik, he added that the federal model of arrangement of BiH, which the HDZ 1990 advocates, found a positive echo in Europe, because it leads the country toward a democratic and legally arranged state.

Raguz believes that Croats in BiH in the present organization “are up against a wall” and it is essential that something change, in order to avoid further political marginalization and deconstitution.

According to his assessment, Belgrade in the future will do everything it can for Serbia and BiH to strengthen their current links and relations in a positive direction. (Dnevnik, Oslobodjenje)