Vukičević: Bosnia’s stability “of great interest to Serbia”

Sarajevo – Stability, prosperity and successful EU integration of Bosnia-Herzegovina are of great interest to Serbia, Serbian Ambassador Stanimir Vukićević has said.

He added that any changes in Bosnia-Herzegovina are the result of agreements made within the country.

Serbia recognizes Bosnia-Herzegovina’s territorial integrity, the Constitution based on the Dayton Agreement and the reality inside that country, that it has two political entities and three constitutive peoples, Vukićević stated.

“Serbia will accept everything that is agreed within Bosnia-Herzegovina through a consensus,” he told the news agency Fena.

When asked what kind of an attitude towards Bosnia-Herzegovina could be expected from Serbia after the Serbian Progressive Party’s landslide victory in the snap parliamentary election on Sunday, Vukićević answered that Serbia had had a proactive relationship with Bosnia-Herzergovina even before that event.

“I can say with pleasure that last year was a year of intensive political dialogue, a year that showed both sides’ willingness to intensify dialogue and improve cooperation and relations. Serbia will continue such a trend,” he noted.

All countries of the region have for the most part the same strategic goal, and that is peace and stability in the region, development of relations with neighbors, EU integration, better economic cooperation and finding space in markets outside the region, the ambassador remarked.(TANJUG, FENA)