Bozo Ljubic: Federalisation is only solution for Bosnia and Herzegovina

Banjaluka – Federalisation of Bosnia and Herzegovina is the only solution that can lead to long-term peace and prevent the disintegration of the country, says Bozo Ljubic, head of the main board of the Croatian National Assembly (HNS).
According to Ljubic, the prolonged political crisis and Croats’ dissatisfaction with their position lead Bosnia and Herzegovina to a certain disaster.

“What we should do with BiH is arrange it so it can be acceptable for all three peoples,” Ljubic told Press Republika Srpska. Ljubic chairs the NHS Committee which is supposed to propose, at a meeting scheduled for Saturday, a declaration stressing the necessity of a new constitutional structure for BiH and its territorial reorganisation.

The politician claims that no one should fear federalisation of the country, and adds that both the republics and entities can be federal units provided that each of the constitutive peoples constitutes the majority in such a unit.

Ljubic underlined that, unlike prescribed by the existing Elections Act which, as he said, denies the Croats’ right to be represented in the joint state institutions by their legitimate representatives, all three constitutive peoples should have equal influence on the election of legitimate representatives.