Cvijanovic: Residence bill harmonised with European standards

Željka CvijanovićBanjaluka – Republika Srpska Prime Minister Zeljka Cvijanovic said today that the bill on permanent and temporary residence, which was adopted by the Republika Srpska Cabinet, is fully harmonised with European regulations and standards.

“This bill is absolutely designed to provide legal security which we did not have before. When I say this I do not mean only the manipulation in the election process which we witnessed, but also the security aspect,” Cvijanovic told reporters in Bawaluka.

She added that the said bill was drafted in consultation with people from the EU. “I am sorry that the bill was not adopted at the BiH level when it should have been adopted, but, in any case, I don’t know why our law would jeopardise anyone,” Cvijanovic said.

She said that a similar situation occurred with the bringing of a law on the single personal ID number in BiH.

“If the only way to unblock such things is for Republika Srpska to bring them, then we will do so, since this is in the interest of citizens. We do not want such important things to serve for manipulation and political disputes at the BiH level,” Cvijanovic said.

She said that IC representatives are inclined to wrongfully interpret everything that is happening in BiH, and added that there won’t be problems to “deregulate” certain things in Republika Srpska once they are regulated at the BiH level.

The Republika Srpska Cabinet on Thursday adopted a bill on permanent and temporary residence in Republika Srpska which creates a legal framework which on the one hand enables all citizens to realise and protect their rights as guaranteed by the Constitution, and, on the other, enables the competent bodies to exercise their powers as stipulated by the Constitution and laws.(Srna)