Dodik: Srpska National Assembly ununanimously on January 9 referendum

BIJELJINA – Republika Srpska President Milorad Dodik has told SRNA that, in the coming weeks, the Srpska National Assembly will be deciding on a referendum in Srpska in which the citizens will decided whether they support the January 9 as the Day of Republika Srpska and stressed that he expects the unity of government and the opposition about this issue, as confirmed in a joint statement.Dodik has said that by failing to adopt the Law on the Constitutional Court of BiH, the political conditions, from earlier agreement to hold a referendum, have been met, thus there is no constitutional court which could react to the national and referendum based expression of the opinion on it, and that he does not expect the international community to react.

“We agreed that, if the adoption of the Law on the Constitutional Court of BiH fails, we go for a referendum with the question `Do you support January 9 as the Republika Srpska Day?’. There is no reason for anyone to require the consent, because the key thing we were asking for, which is the Law on the Constitutional Court, did not happen,” said Dodik.

Commenting on the statement by the judge of the Constitutional Court of BiH, Mirsad Ceman, that if Republika Srpska fails to respect the decision of this Court on the Republika Srpska Day, this issue will be reviewed by the BiH Prosecutor’s Office, Dodik has said that the Constitutional Court of BiH promotes political and legal violence, as well as the practice not existing anywhere in the world, and is a voluntaristic authority that makes decisions according to the will of the international community, which is now trying to assume the role of a negative practice – of the High Representative.

“It is obvious that this is a partnership. This statement shows that the intention is to keep this topic on the agenda. The BiH Constitutional Court has lost the credibility of a legal institution long ago. It is more political than legal court. The statement by the judge shows that, given the fact that neither the Court nor the Prosecutor’s Office have constitutional grounds but the BiH Constitutional Court is referring to their work, here everything that is created had to be pushed, that BiH is a wonderland and that there is no L of Legal State or C of the Constitutional Law. It’s not surprising,” said Dodik.

According to him, the Constitutional Court of BiH, which is deciding via internationals’ votes and imposing political and constitutional will to others, without any constitutional grounds, shows that the people of the Republika Srpska must go for a referendum and reject such practices.
Dodik has said that this decision of the BiH Constitutional Court, which delves into the core, fundamental issues of Republika Srpska, shows that internationals are trying to create relations in this area.

He has said that Republuka Srpska’s earlier response was very clear and implied the unity of all main political factors, both the government and the opposition, which have agreed on several important topics, one of which is the Law on the BiH Constitutional Court that the Bosniaks are boycotting in an effort to provide their dominance, as they have done so far with three international judges.

Dodik has pointed out that the fact that the Constitutional Court of BiH has three international judges who generally make up the majority, indicates that BiH is neither sovereign nor an international factor and is governed by the internationals.

“This shows that BiH is not a country of understanding and agreements, expressed political will and sovereignty of the peoples, but an international experiment that is to be imposed on primarily Serbs and Croats. This shows there is neither trust nor respect in BiH. The continuation of the work of international judges in the BiH Constitutional Court speaks the best about the intentions of the Bosniaks in BiH, their desire for legal and political domination and the desire to subordinate the other two nations,” said Dodik.

He has said that BiH is not capable of achieving internal consensus, is still the country of misunderstandings and disagreements, controlled by internationals. “If the internationals here define the most important issues of the constitutional order, then it is obvious this country has no chance in the future, nor did it have in the past,” said Dodik.

Dodik has said that gathering around January 9 and how much it means to the Serbs is best illustrated by this year’s celebrations when the people unanimously stood behind this date, and stressed that it is necessary to formally verify this via referendum in order to provide political and people’s power to this decision.

“The Republika Srpska National Assembly will vote on the decision on the Republika Srpska Day referendum. Based on the referendum, the Srpska Parliament must pass a Law on January 9 and determine this date as indisputable,” said Dodik.

He expects that Republika Srpska representatives in the joint institutions will understand how important this is and will require putting the Law on the Constitutional Court of BiH on the agenda, which no other issue can be put on until this one is solved.

Given the fact that Mladen Bosic is the chairman of the House of Representatives of the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH, Dodik has said that he expects him to support the placing of the above mentioned law on the agenda.

He has said that the topics related to the previously proposed decision on the referendum on the BiH Court and Prosecutor’s Office, which is not rejected, will immediately come out. A key reason why it is still on stand-by is that there was no a political consensus reached in Republika Srpska.

“The wish is to rally both the government and the opposition round this issue, instead of having a referendum resulted in political bickering. It is obvious the conditions necessary for holding a referendum have not yet been created. The conditions for holding a referendum will be created once the consensus on the BiH Court and Prosecutor’s Office is established, as in case of the Republika Srpska Day,” said Dodik.