Karan: Supplement to the appeal of CEC decision filed

Banjaluka – The chairman of the Republika Srpska commission tasked with conducting a referendum on Republika Srpska Day, Sinisa Karan, said today in Banjaluka that the commission filed a supplement to the appeal with the Appellate Chamber of the BiH Court since the wording of the decision of the BiH Central Election Commission /CEC/ by which it rejected to forward voters’ lists to Srpska does not correspond to the decision adopted at a session of the CEC.
“We have information that the wording of the CEC’s decision, by which it rejected to forward voters’ lists to Srpska, does not correspond to the explanation of the said decision. If this is true, this will be an incredible precedent and we will probably file criminal charges against certain CEC members since they abused their offices and failed to forward data that they are obliged to forward in keeping with the law,” Karan told reporters after a session of the referendum commission.

According to him, the CEC banned the use of polling stations for the referendum since this would hinder the election process.

“According to this logic, we in Srpska would have to close all public institutions, schools and nurseries, until a referendum is held,” Karan said.

He said that it is easy to arrive at data from the central voters’ list since Srpska institutions have them, primarily the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Karan says that neither political decisions nor decisions of the BiH Constitutional Court can stop the holding of a referendum on Republika Srpska Day and that only the Republika Srpska Parliament can do this.

He stressed that the referendum commission adopted instructions on the way of carrying out a referendum on Republika Srpska Day.

“A decision on conducting a referendum in Republika Srpska Representative Offices abroad was also brought at a session. These days we will form referendum commissions there as well,” Karan said.

Representatives of the referendum commission today spoke with representatives of city and municipal referendum commissions about normative acts and their obligations in this process.

A referendum on Republika Srpska Day is scheduled for September 25.