Vucic, Dodik: It is crucial to preserve peace and stability in the region

BELGRADE – Republika Srpska President Milorad Dodik and Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic said today in Belgrade that preserving peace and stability is of crucial importance for the development of the Serbian economy. They announced that Prime Minister Vucic will visit the Herzegovina in Republika Srpska in August and expressed satisfaction with the talks Dodik had with the German Minister of Agriculture, Christian Schmidt, concerning the adaptation of the Stabilisation and Association Agreement, noting that it would be good if the Agreement could be signed.

Dodik said that Serbia’s aid to Republika Srpska is very important and crucial for its stability.

He thanked Vucic and Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic for providing him with the opportunity to talk not only about the relations between Republika Srpska and Serbia but also for an opportunity for Republika Srpska to understand better regional and global developments since Serbia has greater ability to understand such developments.

Dodik said that he also thanked Vucic for helping to organise a meeting yesterday with the German Federal Minister of Agriculture, Christian Schmidt, who arrived on orders of Chancellor Angela Merkel to talk about ways to compensate damage and losses in connection with the adaptation of the Stabilisation and Association Agreement.

“I think we had an excellent meeting. I informed Vucic of it and I think that we should trust Germany and enable further movement towards European integration,” Dodik said.

He said that this is a right way to help a small economy, a small community such as BiH and Republika Srpska, to adapt easier to these European movements.

Vucic said that he is certain that Dodik’s meeting with the German Minister of Agriculture, Christian Schmidt, produced good results, and asked Dodik to listen to the advice and take into account arguments of Germany and the EU, but that the decision is on Republika Srpska.

“It would be good for the region and Republika Srpska that the Stabilisation and Association Agreement is signed, since this would speak of the commitment of our people west of the Drina River to the path to the EU,” said Vucic, who announced a number of events that will be organised jointly to mark historical dates important for Serbia and Republika Srpska. (Srna)