Cvijanovic: Story of residence is finished

Zeljka Cvijanovic

Banjaluka – Republika Srpska Prime Minister Zeljka Cvijanovic has told Srna she considers the story of residence finished, and wonders why the Office of the High Representative /OHR/ should react when it knows that 10 people were falsely registered to live in the OHR building in Sarajevo, and that the number is now probably much higher.

“I want to believe that Mister /High Representative Valentin/ Inzko does not promote such irregularities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, like he would not promote similar things in his own country either,” Cvijanovic told Srna when asked to comment on Inzko’s statement that the OHR would react after it saw a Srpska Government’s decision on checking of residence.

The Srpska Prime Minister submits that the topical issue of residence is a legal and security issue, but that this is not the first time foreigners have engaged in political games that provoke disorder and instability.

“In my opinion, the story of residence is finished. When the law is passed, the decision will no longer be valid,” Cvijanovic said. (SRNA)