Dodik: By UN charter, every people has right to self-determination

Milorad Dodik

Banjaluka – Republika Srpska President Milorad Dodik has told Srna that according to Article 1, Paragraph 2 and Article 55 of the United Nations Charter, and to a series of other international treaties every people has the right to self-determination leading to the separation from the mother state.

“Pursuant to that right, peoples can freely decide on their political status and have full economic, social and cultural development”, Srpska president told Srna commenting on the United States’ view that the Constitution and Dayton Peace Agreement do now allow either of the entities the right to separate from Bosnia and Herzegovina, which the U.S. Embassy to BiH communicated on Wednesday.

Dodik underlined that a people’s right to self-determination leading to separation was the principle of the international law according to which every nation had the right to determine its own and international political status without any external pressure or influence.(Srna)