William Hague: Borders will not be redrawn in Balkans

Sarajevo – The British foreign minister says there will be no more drawing of borders in the Balkans and that only a united Bosnia in its present borders can join the EU.

William Hague was quoted as saying in Sarajevo on Friday that any reasons for the breaking up of Bosnia-Herzegovina would encounter “strong resistance from the United Kingdom and the international community.”

He is added that this belief is shared with all his colleagues from the 28 EU member states.

“I’m a big proponent of future membership of Bosnia-Herzegovina in the EU and NATO, but this will only happen if it is able to function as a state. This means that it is important that the map of Bosnia-Herzegovina is final, that people can come together to cooperate,” Hague was quoted as saying.

He pointed out that the situation in Bosnia must not be linked to the events in Ukraine and that there is no basis to compare the Serb Republic and Crimea.

He added that the steps that Russia took over the case of Crimea are “a horrible example of an unlawful annexation,” which all EU members condemned.

Hague arrived in Sarajevo on Thursday with American actress Angelina Jolie to attend a conference dedicated to prevention of sexual violence in conflicts.

The British official and Jolie also traveled to Potočare near Srebrenica, where they had a series of meetings with the families of the victims and survivors of sexual violence during the war in Bosnia.(TANJUG)