Seselj: There were two honorable judges who resisted pressures

BELGRADE – Leader of the Serbian Radical Party /SRS/ Vojislav Seselj has stated that the Hague Tribunal has acquitted him today because there were two honorable judges who resisted political pressure and brought the only possible verdict from the legal aspect.”After so many court processes against innocently accused Serbs, two honorable judges appeared there – Jean-Claude Antonetti and Mandiaye Niang, who showed that the professionalism, honor and above all the face are above all pressures.

They resisted all the pressures and brought the only possible judgment from a legal point of view,” Seselj said at a press conference held in the Serbian Radical Party.

He has expressed regret because Milan Martic, General Zdravko Tolimir, the first president of Republika Srpska, Radovan Karadzic, and many others did not have fair and honorable judges in the trial chamber, because, if so, they would have been freed by now.

“I refuted all the false testimonies and unmasked all the forged documents.
I am out of the trial without punishment, but maybe, I could have been punished a bit so the enemies of the Serbs, in and out of Serbia, would not object,” said Seselj.

Seselj has said that this Trial Chamber has contributed to clearing the name of the Serb people in terms of accusations of joint criminal ventures, the civil war outbreak, criminal liabilities and other false ones.

He has said he will wait to see if the Hague Tribunal’s Office of the Prosecutor will appeal and explained that he will not demand compensations of Serbia, but he may raise a claim for compensation against The Hague from € 12 to 14 million, which he intends to largely spent on the SRS and humanitarian purposes, but also on printing the entire Serb literature before Vuk Karadzic’s time.

Asked what reactions from Croatia and Sarajevo he expects, Seselj has replied that he “has no interest in their reactions,” but “if, by any chance, they act more insolently than it is tolerable, they will have to fear his reactions, especially Croats, he emphasised”.

“You saw when a bone got stuck in their throats at the end of 2014 when they acted unfairly against me. I immediately changed their personnel structure of the state leadership – fired Ivo Josipovic and after Milanovic, rose my dear little Kolinda to power,” explained Seselj.

Leader of the SRS has said that he expects Croatian President Kolinda Grabar Kitarevic to invite him to officially visit her, because, as he said, “she has to fulfill some promises she made”

Seselj has said that international tribunals have no legal sense at all as they are only an instrument of the Western powers, thus their existence is possible and justified only if all the world powers accept the jurisdiction of a tribunal.

The Hague Tribunal acquitted Seselj on Thursday of all nine counts of the indictment, bringing a judgment of not guilty.