Srpska – a future European region

The EU is increasingly becoming a community of regions which share common values, and Republika Srpska fits perfectly into this context as a future European region, said professors and students of the Catholic University in the Belgian city of Leuven, at a reception with Republika Srpska President Milorad Dodik.

In addition to European integration, the students and professors discussed with Dodik the political and economic situation in Srpska and the way BiH functions.

Catherine Burda, a professor at the Catholic University, thanked President Dodik for the reception, stressing that the professors and students were honoured to talk with him and to get to know the operations of Republika Srpska institutions.

Burda said the University has a special post-conflict area programme, as part of which a visit to Republika Srpska was significant, since they have never been there before, even though they had visited BiH.

“We discussed the political and economic situation, but also European integration which as a guarantor of stability is important for the whole region. The EU is not just a union of countries, it is about common values shared by its residents, and it is increasingly becoming a community of regions,” Burda said.

Vincent Efrin, a professor of political science at the Catholic University, said that the students and professors asked Dodik for his personal positions on prospects for EU integration and the issue of independence of countries. (SRNA, TSN)